Children's Martial Arts Classes

Give your child the confidence to protect themselves against bullies and child abduction.

"One of the best things I ever did for my kids was send them here. The Harrison family is amazing!"

Chrissy Oberg, Mom to Amazing Sakura Students



Classes run from 4:00 - 5:30 PM Monday through Thursday.

At Sakura, we offer 3 separate classes for children: Judo/jujitsu, karate /kickboxing, and Ronin Goshin Jutsu (Self-Defense). With each of our classes, we also put an emphasis on discipline, courtesy, respect, and self-confidence.

Kids ages 5-15 are welcome.


Our child karate / kickboxing is a stand-up sport class focused on punching & kickboxing. We teach a range of stand-up arts from traditional karate, boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, and shoot boxing.

We will work on developing proper attack/counter defense , head/body movement and footwork. We also include sparring with full protective gear. This class is available once a week on Mondays at 4PM for children 6 and up.

Kickboxing / Karate


In our judo/jujitsu class, children will learn a variety of sport throws/ wrestling takedowns to ground grappling, which consists of holds/pins, chokes, joint locks and different methods of escaping the same techniques.

We also include randori/rolling which is friendly, competitive sport fighting in a controlled & safe environment. This class is available twice a week on Tuesdays & Thursdays at 4PM for children 6 and up.

Judo / JuJitsu


We also offer a children's self-defense & anti-bullying class, where they will learn simple, practical, realistic, and effective defense against a variety of different style attacks. We will cover front & rear attacks (head locks, bear hugs, rear chokes), as well as what to do if they get taken to the ground. They'll learn how to get to a dominant position to get back to their feet and escape safely. We also go over verbal & non-physical ways to avoid or prevent a physical altercation. This class if available once a week on Wednesday at 4PM for children 8 and up.

Ronin Goshin Jutsu


Your children will benefit from a structured class that not only teaches them how to protect themselves but also how to respect each other.


Build your child's confidence as they develop new skills, leadership and strength.


Your child will create lasting friendships with the other students.


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"My son went to Sakura for a couple years. We couldn't have made a better decision. Jim Harrison and his staff helped to mold my son into a great young man by teaching him discipline, respect, and many other attributes..." 


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