Learn Judo & Ju Jitsu in a combined class at our Missoula martial arts dojo. Learn how to take your opponent to the ground and keep them down. 

Jim Harrison's mixture of traditional Judo and Ju Jitsu is the most effective grappling system, not only for the street but also for sport combat.

Luke Jovin, Sakra Worrior Arts Instructor

Judo/ JiuJitsu classes

Classes run from 7:30pm-9:00pm, Monday and Wednesday.

Judo and Jujitsu are grappling arts, where knowledge, skill, and speed can overcome an opponent’s size and strength by the scientific application of balance and leverage. 


Sakura's Judo JuJitsu is a sport grappling class which consists of stand up throws and wrestling takedowns to ground grappling with holds/pins, chokes & joint locks in a safe and controlled environment.

Judo was developed from Jujitsu, in order to allow a safer method of practice and competition. Specifically, so that it could be inaugurated into the lower and middle school system as a physical exercise after the 1860 “Megi Restoration” in Japan. However, Judo also soon became renowned as an excellent discipline, self-discipline, self-defense and confidence builder as well.

No-gi submission grappling is also included in our Judo JuJitsu classes. Both child and adult classes are available.

Our jujitsu system teaches freestyle, catch wrestling, and other grappling arts. It's a comprehensive program that focuses on concept over content.

Sakura's judo class has its roots based in traditional Kodokan Judo. JuJitsu was once the basis of all styles of Judo & BJJ that you know of today.

Each Judo/JuJitsu class ends with grappling sessions so you can test your new knowledge with other students.


Enjoy up to 12 classes for only $30 at our trail week.

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"If you want to learn martial arts, discover the true meaning of discipline, push through pain barriers you never thought possible, walk among legends and find unrivaled camaraderie, Sakura Warrior Arts is where you belong."


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