Karate, Kickboxing & MMA

Created by the legendary Jim Harrison, Sakura's karate, kickboxing, mma system has produced champion fighters for decades. Are you next?

”We train and compete to learn and gain skill, not a knock-out record."

 Ryan Smith, Competitive MMA fighter and Pacific Northwest Middleweight Kickboxing Champion.

Karate, kickboxing & mma classes

Classes run from 6:30pm-7:30pm, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Sakura's Karate-Kickboxing is a sport-oriented class with an emphasis on punching and kicking skills.


Learn from a variety of stand-up arts including:

traditional Karate, boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, and shootboxing.


Our Karate class goes over the form and function of our strikes, kicks, blocks, boxing, kickboxing, and shootboxing techniques in a controlled and regulated setting, focusing on fundamentals, footwork, and proper execution, before continuing onto our bag work and drill/sparring classes offered in our Kickboxing program.

We also include heavy & speed bag training to help develop speed, power and agility. We also offer light and full contact sparring with full protective equipment.


Sakura focuses on concept over content. You can learn a dozen variations of the same technique or you can learn how to apply any technique effectively.

Our kickboxing, karate, MMA class puts your techniques to the test with our strength & conditioning bag workout.

Spar with other fighters that challenge your training and push you to be a better fighter.


Enjoy up to 12 classes for only $30 at our trail week.

Send us your contact info and someone will contact you shortly.


“It is four times more difficult to fight a kickboxer than a boxer or Karate-ka fighter, because the degree of difficulty must be squared, not multiplied.”


Mixed Martial Arts & Self- Defense Training Center

255 SW Higgins Ave

Missoula, MT 59803

Phone: (406) 728-8187


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