ronin goshin jutsu

Developed by Grand Master Jim Harrison to be the world's most effective self-defense system.

Our Ronin Goshin Jutsu focuses on 3 essential self-defense techniques, grappling, striking and mixed martial art training.

Jim "Ronin" Harrison


adult self-defense classes

Adult Self-Defense Classes are Monday and Wednesday from 6:30-7:30pm.


When you can't talk your way out, and they won't let you walk out, take them out. Ronin Jutsu is a street survival self defense system based on simple, practical, realistic and effective techniques and tactics. Learn defense against street boxer/grappler, multiple assailants and weapons defense (edge weapons, clubs, firearms). Ronin Jutsu has pulled from varius styles of martial arts including judo, ju jitsu, karate, and kickboxing. You will also learn how to utilize natural weapons such as teeth, fingernails, knees, and elbows to escape threats safely and effectively.

Also available for kids.


In our Ronin Goshin Jutsu self-defense class you will learn how to maneuver your opponent to the ground with effective grappling techniques.


During our self-defense classes, you will learn how to master devastating strikes using a variety of martial arts styles.

Sakura Belt System

Ronin Goshin Jutsu takes the most effective techniques from systems like JuJitsu, Judo, Muay Thai, Karate, and Kickboxing and combines them into a powerful self-defense system.

Become a Sakura Warrior

Enjoy up to 12 classes for only $30 at our trail week.

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"Sakura is the real deal. Sensei Harrison teaches techniques for actual self defense that are used and proved in real life situations." 


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